Friday, June 30, 2006

Life as a military wife

So today is an exciting day. First off Jim and I are going on a date. We had one scheduled last week but when Brayden got sick we didn't feel good about leaving him. Even if it was with my sister and mom is around the corner. So, we stayed home. So, we are going to dinner, shopping for Brayden's birthday and maybe a movie. I think that is dependant on if Brayden spends the night with Grandma or not. We also scheduled a day at the zoo. We have been wanting to take Brayden for a long time and just haven't gotten there. So we scheduled a week day where Jim would skip the office. (it is nice being self employed) Well, all was good as Brayden and I got to the library for story time, then I got the call. Okay you must all understand. Ever since Jim was gone overseas I get nervous when the words Battalion called or I have some bad news are told to me. So, the first thing he says I have some bad news, Battalion called. My heart always stops and I hold my breath. But all it was is that he has to go out of town for a few days and won't be able to do the zoo. He will still be here for camping and Brayden's birthday and he will be in our time zone and all that so it is fine. So, anyway tonight we will be discussing his wording on when he has to leave. He cracks me up. As long as he isn't going overseas to a dangerous local I am fine. I mean yes it isn't the most fun but he is safe and sound.

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