Friday, June 09, 2006

Having fun

So, Have I ever mentioned how much fun my life is. I mean yes there are days of stress or frustration but I truly feel blessed for all I have and am able to do.
So yesterday our concrete was laid. We had a slab laid on the side of our house. It runs the length (when I figure out how to upload pics I will) It will be used as a dog run or Rv pad at some point but right now it will be great for swimming pools and sandboxes and bikes and just whatever sounds fun. Our grass is being sprayed on the 20th and then we will be done with the yard which will be nice. We are looking forward to no dirt. Although Brayden has thoroughly enjoyed being able to drive his dump trucks and excavators and having Babop come with the BopCat.
Today we are off to see my sister launch a rocket. It should be fun.

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