Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Park Etiquette

Okay so I need to vent. As I have said before Tuesday nights is softball nights. Jim plays double headers and Brayden and I try to make it to at least the first game. Well, tonight I was watching a friends little girl as well. So, Brayden and Lilli were over on the play toys and first off it looked like some kids were going to get into a fight. These kids wouldn't get off the swings. So, the little kids went and got bigger kids and the bigger kids went and got even bigger ones. Now you must understand. I am the only adult around. So, I stepped in and asked nicely if the kids could please get off so the other kids could have a turn. After some aguement as to why they shouldn't they did get off and peace once again prevailed. However not for long. These little boys were running around with there toy guns. Now I have read Bringing up boys and Wild at Heart. I also have a husband who is in the military. So, I understand boys and guns. I just have a problem when they are shooting each other. Now please tell me if I am wrong here. But why do they have to shoot them at real people. Why not go hunting for animals and pretend bad guys. Anyway, this group of boys kept pretending to shoot Brayden. So, I said hey please don't do that. We don't shoot people. This little boy was probably 6 or 8 and argued with me as to why it didn't matter because they weren't really guns. I again said please don't shoot at him. He isn't playing with you anyway. So, that happened several times, with the same group of boys. Again no parents around but me. Then the little girl Lilli I was watching was playing on the slide. She was watching 3 big girls playing tag and thought it looked fun. They said hey you want to play and of course Lilli did. I was wondering how it was going to work as this game of tag was on the play set and if you were on the play set you were safe. Well, Lilli is 3 and there was no way she was going to be able to reach through the floor to touch them. But I let it go. I mean what do you say when someone wants to play that badly and is being included. But as fast as they offered they recinded. And I don't mean kindly or anything. They were just plain cruel. "You can't play with us" snotty like. And they didn't stop there they said it again 3 times. Lilli said that isn't nice. Now tell me. How come a 3 year old gets it and grade schoolers don't? So, Lilli got off the slide and came over by me. I knelt to hug her. Which she declined. I then proceeded to try and get her and Brayden to come over to the bleechers and watch their daddies play. Which neither wanted to do. What gets me is that through all this I am the only adult at the park there, watching kids. It also makes me pray even harder that I will raise a kind boy. Now don't get me wrong there were nice kids there too. A 4 year old girl gave up her swing and her older sister helped Lilli onto it and the little one pushed Lilli very nicely. There were some young boys who let Brayden go first down the slide. I think what is even worse was that the most disrespectful kids were kids from our team. I just pray that we teach Brayden correctly and that he always has as sensitive heart as he has now. Yes, I do want him to be a MAN, but a man who loves God first and in so doing he treats others as Jesus would treat them.
Well, off to bed. I am done venting.

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Anonymous said...

Great thoughts!! Brayden just needs to be a man after Gods own heart as he grows. That is a man. He has loving parents who love Jesus with all there hearts, He will help you to continue to raise your son in wisdom and understanding!

Loves! Dyanne