Saturday, June 24, 2006

My week

Okay so my week has been so wonderful. Nothing spectacular has happened, except that today Jim told me he respects what I do, I got a pedicure, and Brayden is offically sick.
So earlier in the week we went to look at a few houses on the HBA tour of homes. It was fun to look at extravigant houses and go wow that would be cool, but then I came home and was just overwhelmed with thankfulness. I love my home. It isn't fancy or extravagant but it is home and my 2 favorite boys live here. Who could ask for more. Then last night we watched a movie called "End of the Spear" It was so good. It really made me stop and think of my life and if I could or would do what those women did. And am I that devoted to Christ and what he calls us to do? It really has made me ponder that.
While we were watching the movie Brayden started coughing and woke himself up. That continued and so we ended up having him sleep in our bed with me and Jim slept on the couch. (Don't feel bad for him. He loves our couch it is very comfotable) We had a rough night but he seemed okay this morning. So, off to work he went with Daddy and I went in search of a swimsuit, which I didn't find, and a pedicure. It was wonderful. They had a massage chair and I almost fell asleep. After I met my men at Old Navy where Brayden was really running low. So, I brought him home and took his Temp. Sure enough he had a fever. So, we are monitoring that and just doing a lot of cuddling. He is watching baseball with daddy right now. So, we are hopping he feels better soon. It is so hard watching your child feel yuck.
Good Night.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like it was a good week. There is really no place like your own home- ESPECIALLY when there are great peple there. Sorry that your boy is sick, I hope it passes quick-and this week is as good as last!