Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sad, Please Pray

Yesterday was a sad day. I mean it didn't start out sad. My friend from Portland came down to visit and we had a nice time. Brayden had been having bad dreams I think cause he was crying out in his sleep and he fell asleep on the floor while we were visiting. Not at all like him. He usually doesn't stop moving. So, he didn't have a long enough nap but held up pretty well. We were able to enjoy playing outside in the sand box and little swimming pool as it wasn't as hot. Jim was working late so we were invited to my parents for dinner. Mom bathed Brayden and I cleaned up dinner. A nice change every once in awhile. Then we came home. Thats when I got the call. I checked the messages and there was one from my dear friend Miranda. We have been friends for oh probably 15 years. We used to be inseperable but life has changed that some. We are still friends just not like we used to. But, she sounded upset and she asked if I could call her cause I would understand. Something had happened in her family. So, I said hi to Jim and put Brayden to bed. I called her and Roger her brother is getting divorced. It is so sad. His wife has just decided they have to many problems and she doesn't want counseling and doesn't want to forgive and move forward. They have been married almost 5 years and no one has cheated or anything. So, please pray for restoration of their marriage. I am praying and since they live around the corner I am going to offer prayer. Please pray that I also say the right things. Open her heart to counseling and restoration. The more prayer we can get the better. She has already moved out and her parents don't want her to talk to him because, get this, THEY don't want the emotional rollercoaster. We have to cover them in prayer. We need to fight for there marriage especially if they have given up. Marriage is such a disposable thing these days and as christians we have to do what we can to help our fellow believers when they are down and unable to hear God talking to them. Thanks for your prayers.

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Amanda said...

It is sad when couples get to that point. There have been two that we know who have seperated and one has divorced. I agree completely with you about marriage and it's imoortance.