Friday, June 02, 2006


I clean a house every week. But, the last two weeks I have cleaned a rental for a lady. Today was terrible. The apartment wasn't bad but Brayden was not helpful. I think the problem was he was tired. He had a late night last night and then he woke up earlier than normal today. So, needless to say we were whinny and needed more than normal amount of timeouts. Not what I enjoy doing. I prayed that if I was being unreasonable I would mellow and that God could just help me get done and Brayden would stop whining. Thankfully we were done soon after.
Life is good here. Jim arrived home a week ago and we have already had our regular "coming home fight". They happen everytime. We are used to living separate lives and doing things our own way. Not a fun part of the job but it happens. We have started getting them out of the way right away. That way we can get back to normal faster.
Jim is 30 now. He is doing fine with it now. It was hard at first but I think he realized that he is still young at heart.
God is always revealing himself to me. Through Brayden,Jim and wonderful Christian and non that I meet or hear of.
God is good and oh so faithful. I love my son so much and just can't imagine having to knowingly put him through what my lord went through. Thank you God for loving me that much.
For Now,

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