Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A wonderful 4th of July

I want to start off by saying thanks to all our service men and women both now and from in the past. You have sacrificed so that we can have a wonderful and free life here in America. Thanks for that. Honey, you are the best thanks for the part you play.
Today was a nice relaxing day. We went to a parade that was very small. But, it was Brayden's first and he enjoyed it. He also discovered the throw down pop things. He loves those and continues to ask for more. We came home and took a nice long nap and then went to my parents for a bonfire and roasting of hot dogs. And ended the evening with fireworks in the street. It was so much fun and Brayden asked to go to bed he was so tired. But he truly loved the fireworks and only a couple times got scared. He would get down and help daddy pick out which one was going to be next.
Happy 4th of July and Happy Birthday America!!!

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