Monday, June 26, 2006

April 28, 2006 Brayden's first offical Beach Trip

We decided to venture out from the norm. We usually go to Lincoln City because it is close and we know what is there. But this time Jim said let's head to Cannon Beach. As I had never been there I thought it was a great idea. So, we arrived Friday afternoon and it was beautiful. Sunny and clear a little windy but all of us who live in Oregon know that is just what going to the beach is all about. We checked into our inn. WOW. It was so cool. It was very cozy and just beautiful. They gave Brayden a shovel and pail and we set off to the beach. He loved it. He was digging and dumping like crazy. He thought is was great. After walking and playing for awhile we headed off to a neat resturant, where we discovered Brayden likes Asparagus. Yeah. Once more our little one surprises us with how much he likes veggies. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and walked on some of the trails. Nothing exciting really just beautiful trails in the center of all the rooms. They lead up to a man made waterfall and pond. There were some fish in there and Brayden thought they were cool. Lots of people also brought their dogs which Brayden also thinks is great. We spent most of the weekend hearing "ease, ease" as we have taught him to ask before petting peoples dogs. At bedtime Brayden slept in the 2nd Queen bed. It took him a little longer to fall asleep but he did great. I didn't sleep well because I worried that he would fall out. Which he did not.
Saturday we woke up early to a beautiful morning. It wasn't even windy. After we did the continental breakfast thing we headed down to the beach. Brayden once again loved it and I took him in the water and also found some starfish and sea things. He was gentle and thought it was cool. He had no fear poking them. We came back to the hotel wet, cold and very happy. After we got cleaned up we headed into town. We got Brayden a kite and then it started to rain. So we ate an early lunch and headed back to the hotel to watch movies and take a nap. It rained the rest of the day so we just ate dinner and played in the hotel.
Sunday we went out to breakfast and down to the beach again for awhile. No wind again. We tried to fly Bryden's kite. Or I should say Jim tried, bless his heart. It did not work. So, after awhile we went and packed up and headed home to a beautiful warm day and a bbq with some friends.


Amanda said...

Sounds like a fun day!!

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