Monday, May 22, 2006

Life mission

I clean a house on Mondays. I was dusting today and ran across this young man's mission statement. I read it and I told Brayden. I desire for you to have that kind of mission in life. It was all about honoring God, staying pure, honoring his parents. It just made me happy for his parents. Since I have become a mom the desire of my heart is to raise a son who loves God, loves him first. Makes choices in life that are honoring to him. I know that if Brayden does this his life will be great. I know his life will have hard times and he will have difficult choices to make but by following God first and for most he will have great peace in his life and that is all that matters.
So, my Mission statement for my life shall be:
To Love God first.
To follow his ways and honor him in all I do.
To always be thankful.
To Love my husband the way he needs to be loved.
To Love Brayden (and future children) the way Christ loves them.

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