Saturday, July 29, 2006


So, it is official now or at least it feels more offical. We are expecting. We have known for awhile but I went to the doctor on Friday. I have felt great, other than the occaional bout of Nausea and the very extreme tiredness. All is well. I have noticed keeping up with Brayden is getting harder. He can go and go and I don't know how I did it and didn't always take a nap when he did. It hasn't even been an option lately. He naps I nap. I am just so wiped out. Hopefully that will pass as we have a lot going on. We are remodeling here soon and thankfully my parents have invited us to stay with them. It will just be hard since we would be confined to the back of the house and cooking and naps would be difficult. It will be great since Jim will be gone again anyway. And we may take a trip to visit him, he will be gone 5 weeks. But, you know he won't be in combat and I will get to talk to him so I guess I can't complain. And he will get to be here for the rest of the pregnancy and the birth this time. He is so excited about experiencing it. It is funny and cute.
Well, Brayden is in bed and I have a few minutes before Jim comes home. I am off to finish my book.


Amanda said...

Congrats! we will have fun comparing experiences this time around!

Mary Boston said...