Sunday, July 09, 2006

Brayden's 2

Well, today my little boy is 2. I can't believe it. It has gone so fast. Yesterday we had his birthday party and we had a really good time. All week when I asked him if he wanted his friends to come over for a birthday party he would say no. He was fine if they were just coming over to play but not for a party. Well, he handled the spotlight very well. He loves all his new toys and he loved getting to eat his dinner at his new picnic table with his friends. He loved his cake and made sure to thank everyone. He woke up this morning and we were walking past the living room on our way to the kitchen and he saw his new tractors and his eyes got big and he said Mama. Like it wasn't a dream, it was all real.

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Amanda said...

Sounds fun. I am planning Ella's first birthday- we will celebrate next Saturday. She won't even know what is happening! But- we will have fun!