Wednesday, July 05, 2006


So, isn't it just the way it goes. They stay up later than normal and then wake up early and are whiny, clingy. That is how our day started. But we cuddled and then Jim got up. He didn't sleep well either. Which is understandable due to the fireworks. Ever since war he has had a hard time with them. They sound just like weapons. So, he hasn't slept well the last few nights but last night he had dreams and I knew they weren't all good but a couple seemed funny. See Jim talks in his sleep. He acts out in his sleep. Last night he sat up laughing. And at one point he was laying there holding his pillow rocking. He has also put me in a head lock and elbowed my nose several times. And it wasn't from rolling over. It is quite funny. But anyway he woke up exhausted as well. But, the day went on and things got better. One of the things I am so thankful for with being able to stay home and raise our child is that I know him and his needs. So, since he was tired most of the morning I could tell when it was nap time because my usually well behaved and responsive child becomes disobediant and time outs are laughed at and stern voices are histerical. So, we quickly did lunch and off for a nap he went. I was able to get the bathrooms cleaned and the kitchen done and a little rest during his nap. (we are getting ready for a birthday party) My mom also took Brayden for a couple hours after nap so that I could do the costco thing and some other errands. I love being with my son and shopping isn't a problem but wow can I go when I am by myself.
I am off to enjoy my comfy bed and soft pillow.
Good Night!

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