Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fun with Friends

So, we have had this dinner scheduled all week. And Jim ended up having to stay gone for an extra couple of days. I wasn't sure I should go with out him but called and said if it was okay Brayden and I could still come. It was so much fun. Our friends are such good hosts and another couple whom are probably our closest friends were also there. The kids played so well and Brayden just thought all of their son's toys were so cool. Tonight I am thankful for fellow Christian friends and parents who really show Christ in how they live. Thanks for your hospitality and friendship.


Daniel, Jade, Addison, and Tegan Steckly said...

Hey Kristin...great blog!! Thanks so much for the straw sippy cup idea, after a day of using them, Addison's hooked!!! I've even almost weaned her from a bottle during the day:)

Kristi Brooke said...

i have been meaning to comment on your blog but lost where it was for a while.
yes we are in the military. my husband is doing his payback time for them paying for school.
he will be at walter reed for 4 years.
so far so good. he is still learning how to salute, not wear pens in his pocket, what kind of shoes to wear and what all the acroynms (spelling??) are.
i will take a gander on your blog more often.