Monday, August 07, 2006


Well tonight is a big night for us. We brought in Brayden's big boy bed. Yep my little baby has shed the crib and is right now laying in bed watching his stars. It is exciting to see that he is growing up and yet hard. Time goes so fast. He is talking more and more and before I know it he will be in school. Being a parent I truly know what my mom was saying when she said time goes so fast once you have kids. I get it mom. We have also started a mind of our own. He really knows now what he does and does not want to do and he lets me know. Time outs are becoming a more frequent thing at our home.
We also tonight discovered that our neighbor passed away. He was a great man and so wonderful with Brayden. A very good neighbor who got sick with cancer and just couldn't fight anymore. This is the second neighbor in a matter of months that has passed away from cancer. We are really hoping this isn't a new trend.
I also met with another cabinet man today and I really liked him and his knowledge of cabinets. I am hoping his bid comes in where we can afford to go with him. I am excited about our remodel but also going to be glad when it is done.
Well, I am tired. I am off to bed.

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