Saturday, September 30, 2006

Never Leaving!!

So, I am so tired. I am tired of remodeling. Everything looks beautiful but isn't done yet. Jim is painting like crazy to try and get us in and I am just not feeling like I am helping very much. Our little one is sick and up at night. (found out today he has an ear infection) And so him and I are exhausted and when we get to our house to work he just hangs on me and cries. I feel so torn. I just want to sit at my parents house and hold him and yet feel so guilty for not helping Jim. To top that off we sold my car so I am driving my dads really big old one. (We call it a boat) And we are trying to find a van for me. Yes, we think we have decided to join the ranks of mini-van owners. So, please pray for thankfulness that I have wonderful parents that are allowing us to stay indefinatly and patience that yes everything will get done. Some days I wonder.

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Mary Boston said...

It's so hard when your home feels so unsettled. Ihave a hard time feeling organized in any area when my home isn't in order.

I'm sorry to hear about th ear infection. you are doing the most important job you can right your little one compassion while he hurts and encouraging your hubbie so he can work hard. I'll pray that it all ends soon though. :)