Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So as most of you know we are in the process of remodeling. We are coming to the end and it is all coming together nicely. Jim arrives home tomorrow so we survived yet another deployment (although he was stateside this time just far away) But I have realized once again something about myself. I work very hard and keep a clean house and do a lot in a day, however, I was over at the house tonight and most of the day painting trim. Yep, that is were I become insane. I am a Type A personality. Not to the degree that I can't play with my child or things can't get dirty, but when it comes to painting and yard work. I think the reason that I don't do well with those things is that I can't get them perfect. I hate leaving the yard if there is one weed. I don't like it if the paint isn't perfect, at least if I am the one painting. If Jim is doing it, it is fine to have some parts that aren't quite right. And no I don't go to other peoples homes and pick apart how they painted or any of that. All that to say that once again we have lots of painting to do and I am so thankful that Jim will be home to do it. I am also pregnant and enjoy my sleep and with all these projects am finding it hard to sleep cause I wake up and start making lists of all that has to be done. Then I don't want to nap because there is to much to do. So, Thank you God for husbands that do enjoy this sort of work and are productive at it. And Thank you God for a wonderful husband who will be home tomorrow.

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