Saturday, September 09, 2006

More bad news

Okay so we thought Jim being hurt, me spotting and just having the stress of him being gone and remodeling was enough for one week, but I guess we were wrong. Jim called this morning and was given word that a guy that used to be in our unit and transfered to the C.A. (Civil Affairs) unit in our building was one of the soldiers killed yesterday in the bombing in Kabul. He was a good friend to Jim and they have known each other for awhile. We have many friends over there, Jim more than me, and this was hard for him. He has lost so many friends in this war. But you know what. He is proud to have served and would head back tomorrow if it meant keeping all our friends,family and all people safe from the terrible people who do these acts. I have been incredibly emotional this week just with the flags at the park and all the stuff about 9-11, Please don't forget what our men and women are doing (and are proud to do) over there and at home. They are true heros. Again I say it. Honey, I am so proud of you. You are an amazing man and I am so proud of your dedication to us and to your country. Thank you!!

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Amanda said...

You have had so much going on and then this news, and the baby scare- I am glad everything is okay- that WOULD be scary. I have never had anything like that before.