Friday, October 06, 2006


Well, we made it. We are home. We moved home on Wednesday and it wasn't quite ready for us but we are here. We didn't have any food or dishes in the house but we slept in our own beds. It was nice. Since then the kitchen is completely put together and the office is done (I am still typing on the floor but it is painted) And we have candles lite and it smells good. We don't have doors on the bedrooms or bathrooms but you know who cares. They will go in this week. We still have some painting to do but otherwise just minor stuff. Jim is relaxing and Brayden is doing great. He doesn't whine as much and he is sleeping great. It is nice. Next week we find out how our little one is doing and hopefully the sex. We are in my favorite time of year. I just love fall. The changing of the leaves, the smells, the cooler weather. Just all of it is so wonderful. I am also feeling more like myself. Less stressed and just more relaxed. Thank you God for all the wonderful blessings you have given me. Oh and I also started a Moms bible study at our church this week. (Hearts at home) It was the first week but I loved it and am so excited about it. Brayden even did good in the nursery. Isn't God so good all the time? I sure think so.

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