Saturday, February 07, 2009

So I don't forget

It is always so funny to me what our kids pick up and what they hear. Tonight at dinner the kids were "cooking" while I was making dinner. They set the table and Riley sits while Brayden brings her all kids of stuff. They also have pots and pans and all that. Well, dinner was ready and I moved there stuff over and I don't know where they went but I got the table set and then called them to eat. Brayden didn't like where I set his plate. Okay now mind you that is where he has always sat. Except now that daddy is gone we have been tending to play musical chairs and I am not really a fan. So, when he got upset that he wanted to sit where Riley was I said No you can sit where you are tonight. He started crying and proceeded to tell me that I broke his heart. i said I'm sorry what? And he proceed to repeat how I broke his heart. I was trying so hard not to laugh cause it was so cute. But, I comforted him and apologized for breaking his heart but that tonight he had to sit there. So sweet. Now to clarify. I don't ever tell them they are breaking my heart. I do remember saying it once but it was something about them growing up.
Okay and something completely different. Have any of you ever seen or heard from an X-boyfriend? I just had one find me on facebook. So, it was very cool hearing from him. But isn't God amazing. Hearing about him and his wife just made me so thankful for my husband and the way that God brought him into my life and how so wonderfully glad I am that he is my husband.
Thank you God for the man you gave me to be my husband. He is perfect for me.

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