Thursday, September 29, 2011


I again am going to go on a rant. But first I have to just throw some thing out there. I guess I am going to embrace this by typing it on here. I can't cook. I can bake and I enjoy it. But I can't cook. I again tried it last night. I thought fried chicken with mashed potatoes sounded good for supper. Yep, it didn't turn out. So I again am at least blessed with a family who is so gracious to me and they don't care and at least try everything I make.

On another note our chickens have started laying eggs. We have one that is ancona. We have named her Ramona. All the anconas we have had are super friendly and LOVE Brayden. That is why they are named Ramona. Because Ramona always chased Davie around the play ground trying to kiss him. Anyway Ramona is laying eggs now. How do we know they are hers? Well they are a light green. So for 13 days we have gotten light green eggs. So Riley has been saving them for something special. So we are going to make a cake. It will be fun. Again, I can bake. Just not cook. So the cake will be fine.

Now on to marriage. I may have ranted about this before but I just am so sad about it and how this has so affected society. Why as women do we not lift our husbands up. I have a t-shirt that says "My husband Rocks" I completely believe that my husband is awesome and he works so hard for our family. He plays with us and loves the Lord and is awesome. Now, I know not everyone has a great awesome husband. But, I believe that men tend to live up to what is given them. What I mean is if you are nagging them, down on every flaw they have, getting together with your friends and talking about all their problems and yours. You are for sure going to not see the amazing man for what he is. So, yes my husband isn't perfect. But I could focus on the negative or I could encourage and build him up. Which makes such a difference.

So my challenge to you is text your husband today. A fun text about how you think he is a Sexy stud, or he is your hunk a hunk of burning love. Or how much you Respect him and how hard he works to take care of your family. You will for sure see a difference.

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