Saturday, September 03, 2011

My sister

I am sure most of you who read my blog know a little about my family. I would like to start off by saying they are the best. I am the oldest of 4. It is me then my brother Ryan, Sister Jodi and Brother Kyle. We are very spread out. I have been married just about 12 years and have the two kiddos. Ryan and Meggan live in Seattle and just got married a year ago. Then there is Jodi who is just about 21 and Kyle who will be 19 here in a couple weeks. My youngest siblings are closer in age to my kids then I am to them. (my Siblings that is)
The thing is. We are all very close. Even though Ryan and Meggan live 4 hours away we are all very tight. I do have to say technology helps that very much. We are a crazy texting family.
Anyway this is supposed to be about my wonderful and amazing sister. (Another thing you have to know about me is that I say that about all my siblings)
Jodi LOVES JESUS. She is 100% in love with him. I look up to her in that way. Nothing can keep her from doing what God has called her to do. She is thinking about doing a mission trip. Which we support completely. But can I stop for a min and say. I have been having doubts about it lately. She just took a temporary position at Western Mennonite in the girls dorm. Now again if you have ever met my sister. She is amazing. Young girls flock to her. Yep, that is right they flock. Because she radiates Jesus. So that is why I am having my doubts about her mission trip. She is so amazing with young people. ( Yes, I know she is still a young person) She is just so patient, loving and kind with them. Willing to give up her time to spend time hanging out with them, listening. Starting bible studies. Her passion is helping them grow.
So please pray for my precious sister. Pray that she listens and knows when, where and if she is to go.
Oh and on a side note she is a great Auntie. My kids are beyond excited for her to come over today. Another advantage to having younger siblings is they babysit.

The original four of us.

Us with our spouses

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