Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Overwhelmed by God

A few weeks ago Pastor Steve spoke in church about places where you have been met by God. I have really been met by him in a creek on a big rock up past Detroit. I have been met by him other places as well but that one sticks out in my head. And then this morning. As I was sitting here in my recliner (I can call it mine cause Jim isn't home right now.) It happened again. I was reading in Mark. A rich young ruler came and wanted to follow Jesus and when he asked what he had to do Jesus said to sell everything and come. The rich young man couldn't do it, because of his wealth.

Jim and I do just fine financially. We aren't rich by any means but we do great for our family. I am able to stay home and aren't in need. Anyway, as I sat here looking out the window, watching the sprinkler and thinking about this. I was overwhelmed by how great God is and how he is an amazing creator. The ocean, the lakes the trees, the people. I am what I consider to be a simple person. I don't need or want much. Just time with my husband, kids, family and friends. And I have all that. God is so amazing.

I so love those moments. Have you had those before?

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Vanessa said...

Kristin, I left a comment on your previous post but also wanted to say how much I love what you posted today. I am so often overwhelmed by God that my heart hurts and tears come to my eyes at the most random moments! Thanks for sharing your journey!