Thursday, August 07, 2008

God is Good

This morning was one of those mornings. It started out great. Playing, singing, just having fun. Jim didn't have to leave until 7 so that was great. Then we loaded up into the van to go to the post office and to take care of all the peoples places we are watching. (It is a lot of work) The water was loaded (one of the families pump went out so I have to haul the water to water their plants and pets) the kids were loaded all the stuff was loaded. I get in and I can't get the key all the way in the ignition. Now my first thought is Riley. She had gotten into the van via her brother and without my knowledge. I thought great she has put something in there and now it is jammed. So, I keep trying and nothing. I was so frustrated. Almost in tears thinking great. So, we moved carseats and all that to the truck. (thank goodness Jim carpooled and it was there) and went to the post office. On the way I called the dealership who told me it would be almost $300 to fix. Plus I would have to tow it there. Then I stopped off at the mechanic we have always used Westgate Auto. The one guy was like well let me just hop in and run up to your house and see. Well, he fixed it!!! Just a little juggling of the key and in it went. Praise the Lord. He then helped me transition everyone back into the van and we took him back where he lubed the ignition and away we went. $25. Yep that's right. I was saying sorry over and over to the kiddos. Not that I was mean I just had gone from a great morning to frustrated and upset. So, needless to say even when things look the worst they aren't that bad.

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