Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So, lately I have been having some interesting thoughts. Like Capital punishment, how do I believe? Modesty, I dress modestly but just read an article in Focus on the Family about it and am even more cautious about it. T.V. and kids. I am against to much but wow the thought of how it also affects a childs behavior is interesting.
We were also asked in Sunday school this week to think of how we want our child/children to be as adults. And how is our parenting now affecting that. Are we doing well to achieve those goals? Should be an interesting thought.
Anyway this week is nice. Not to much going on. Well, except we find out on Thursday how our little one is doing and if all goes well we shall find out the sex. Jim and I also get to go to dinner tonight. It is a business thing but still dinner out alone. Brayden is doing well and is doing good in the nursery for Hearts at home and 2 services at church. I am so excited about Hearts at home. I love my group and the study is great.
Thank you God for all my blessings!!

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