Monday, October 30, 2006

Little man

So, Brayden continues to amaze us with how fast he is growing up. Last night some friends came over and they have a 9 month old. Brayden just loved him. He played with him, made faces at him and just laughed and helped with him. I am praying that all this continues when little Riley comes. This morning while getting ready to go and clean a house Brayden was jumping off the bed. The last time he did it he didn't land right. He hurt his foot in some fashion I still don't know if it is his foot or toe. But, he was hurt and couldn't walk. So, since I can't carry him (doctors orders) we were stuck. I called Jim and he said to give it some time and see how he was doing but that we should just stay home and not try and clean. Which was good cause I didn't know how I would get him in the van and out at her house. He is doing better now. Still limping which breaks my heart to see him hobbling. But, we have advanced from being cats. (yes that is how we were getting around) We did a lot of low key stuff this morning and I am hoping that after nap it is just all better. It is hard to see your very active child not able to jump and run around like usual. Well, I am off to have a nap.

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