Friday, August 25, 2006

Here we are

Well I said I was going to work harder at updating my blog so here it goes. This has been yet another crazy week. It started on Monday with Jim packing up and heading out late Monday night. It was actually nice having him leave that night. Brayden stayed at my parents over night and we didn't have to wake up at 2 a.m. to get to the airport in time. Then Tuesday morning I woke up and cleaned up the house and cleaned the bathrooms (something I do everytime Jim leaves) And went and got Brayden. Found out at dinner that night that my dad (also our contractor) was going to be tearing apart our house then next day so we should move out. So, I packed and put as much stuff in the garage as I could that night and then next morning finished it off. Brayden and I loaded up and headed here. So, we are now comfy cozy at my parents house and everyday our home seems different. It is so much better to be here than at our place. It is crazy over there. Brayden was so fussy and whiny at our house and I think it was just that he knew things were changing and Jim was leaving and he didn't like watching toys being moved and put in the garage. So, even though it is noisier here and very busy. (We painted moms living room yesterday) it is peaceful and we have a kitchen to use. So, again thanks mom and dad for having us.

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Amanda said...

I tried to comment on your last post, but it didn't get through somehow. You are so busy! So much going on in your life. How long is Jim gone for? I hope you are able to get out with girlfriends sometimes and relax that way and I hope your house project goes smoothly!!