Sunday, August 20, 2006

Wow Time flies

So, I logged on and couldn't believe how long it has been since I posted anything. So much has been going on I am barely able to get to the computer. Let's see. We have gone to the zoo, taken Brayden to a baseball game. We have been making decisions for our house remodel which is underway outside and getting ready to take place inside. I have taken over our FRG group with the army and have had only 2 weeks to prepare a family day which will take place today. It will be fun and I did have help which I don't know that I could have done without. So, we will pray all goes off with out a hitch. Jim is crazy busy between work, Army, helping pick stuff for the house and preparing to leave again. Oh and yes I am still pregnant and tired. I am starting to get more energy and that is good because my 2 year old is a busy boy and I feel so terrible when I can't keep up. Brayden loved the zoo and I can't wait to take him back. I do think that we will have to head to the aquarium as well cause he was really taken with the underwater animals. And the monkeys that he had been talking about so much he could have cared less about. We also were there at a great time cause the elephants were out and struting their stuff which made it fun for Brayden to watch. Pregnancy wise I am feeling great other than being tired and doing great. It was great to hear babies heart last time. Since I always feel good pregnant it always helps me to believe I really do have someone growing inside me. Well, I am off to finish my salad for the BBQ and try and get a rest in before heading to Portland.

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Kimberly said...

You are so busy! It's fun to hear wht is going on with you.