Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So, yesterday we experienced something we haven't yet in our 2 years as parents. Brayden throwing up. Okay so it really started on Sunday night. It was terrible. I felt so helpless and terrible for our little one. He was fine when he went to bed and woke up throwing up. We gave him a bath and got everything cleaned up and then rocked and cuddled with him and then he went to bed. He started to cry so I went into get him and I picked him up and the threw up all over me, him and the floor. Thank goodness my husband was home. I took Brayden and myself off to the shower and he cleaned up the floor. So, after cleaning up we once again rocked and cuddled and just relaxed. Then off to bed he went. He was asleep and once more threw up. Thankfully that was the last. We felt terrible for him. Thankfully he drifted off to sleep and slept the rest of the night. But as for me. I woke up at 3:58 to the phone ringing. I jumped up and got it. It was our friends who were in labor. They needed me to come and stay with there little one. So, off I went. Brayden sleeping and so was daddy. Right after they headed off to the hospital there little girl woke up. Knowing mommy and daddy were headed to the hospital to have her baby brother. So, we headed back to our house so I could be with my little one. Who wasn't sick but was wanting mommy.
So, needless to say yesterday I was tired and ready for bed when 9 o'clock came.
All is well today. It is sunny again. Our friends little one arrived quickly and easier than the first and we are all healthy.

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