Friday, February 10, 2012

God can change you!

God sometimes puts you in places or situations you didn't ask for and if you are willing he can use that for his glory. Last year I took two additional neighbor boys to school. Not a big deal. They were on time and easy. But they were off to middle school and so I was excited to have it just be my son. However, that was not to be. Right before the school year started our neighbor came down and asked if I would be willing to take his son to school and pick up. Here is a little background on our neighbor. First, they are nice and all and have been through so much. But, the little boy is rowdy, wild, and had no supervision. His mother had died before he turned 5. He lives at Great Grandmas house. With Grandma, dad, uncle, sister (17) and Brother (16) and himself. Needless to say he was at our house a lot and sometimes just wore me out. But, it is someone to play with and like Jim said. Would you rather not have a kid for our kids to play with? I know, at least they were always at our home and I could supervise. So, I begrudgingly said yes I would take him to school. Well, every morning I would pray for patience and that I would grow to care for him. I was encouraged by the people who told me good job. He needs this and my husband telling me I was becoming like a mother to him. Another neighbor saying they could tell he was with me a lot because he was getting Sparkman manners. (I expect my kids to have good manners) I started kind of side hugging him when he would come out after school. He started leaning in. He has started being even more respectful in the mornings and he LOVES good news club after school. So much that his grandma called and asked if he could go to church with us. Now you must know. I was still praying about him but I have grown to LOVE him!! I don't worry now about dropping him off after school if I have stuff to do. I just bring him with me. So of course I told his grandma YES he is more than welcome to come with us. The kids were estatic. They couldn't wait for Sunday. However, that first week was not to be. They overslept. That was okay. My kids cried and we prayed he would be able to come after Christmas since we were going to be gone. Well, last week I had to go to the church after school on Wednesday to set up coffee for my mom's group and so I took him with me. His grandma asked for the churches address so that maybe they could come. We got there and he loved it. Again we weren't doing anything amazing. There was no programs or anything. But he asked several times if he could come back with me. I said of course. Just come down Sunday morning. Well, he didn't come but I saw his dad and grandma getting in the car and figured they had something to do. Well, they did. They ALL came to church. They didn't stay for Sunday school so we are going to see if he can stay late with us but they all came. I am so feeling loved by the Lord in all this. That yes he can for sure use me where I am and how I am loving on the kids in my life. Jim and I have always said 2 kids was for us and we wanted to be open to having kids in our home that need us. I just didn't think it would be happening when ours were so young. So excited about his leading. I will post another one on some other things he is doing. :)

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