Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I love being outside. I enjoy hiking, walking, playing games, fire pits, sprinklers, trampolines, swimming, all of it.
However, as I have gotten older I have realized I don't LOVE camping. Oh it is fun to leave town and relax. But camping is a lot of work. As I have gotten older I have also realized that my body doesn't sleep well camping either.
So as we have done in the past, tonight we built a fire in our fire pit and enjoyed our dinner and smores. The best part. I got to have a hot shower and I get to sleep great in my own bed and if I have to go to the bathroom, It is right there.
Now I know with the kids that I have camping will happen again. However, until that happens. I hope to keep them happy with a fire pit in the back yard.
I was a great first day of summer vacation. Tomorrow my wonderful grandma comes. We are so excited.

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