Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

I have been out and about and have some thoughts. Why are people more friendly in the snow? I have been waved at and smiled at more in the few days than when it is just raining. I appriciate and miss my husband even more right now. He is an amazing man and I miss him always however, when you have to wait for others to put chains on and all that you so appriciate a husband who can do that. I just shoveled our sidewalk and driveway. Woo who for the burned calories and it just made me think of how if Jim were here he would have done it. Even though I do enjoy that sort of thing. We rescheduled Christmas with his parents due to not knowing how the weather will be tomorrow. And they live a ways out and I am not comfortable driving up those hills in this crazy weather. I have also been so appriciative of a wonderful neighborhood and great neighbors.
As I write this I sit here and here formiluar sounds. Rain is falling. Merry Christmas all. Hope you all are with the ones you love.

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