Monday, February 19, 2007

So blessed

This weekend my mom's best friend gave me a baby shower. And last weekend a friend gave me a shower. They were so much fun and I truly am blessed. She went so above and beyond. We are ready for our little one to arrive. We have so many clothes, blankets and even diapers now. I have also been able to get everything washed and put away. Now I just need to sit down and decide what to bring her home in. The doctor told me that walking would help encourage her to move down to I walked to my shower. (my mom brought me and all our goodies home) Then today Brayden had to go to the doctor because he has been sick for far to long and yes we now were able to get something to get him better. He had a double ear infection. Which I know it sounds terrible but I was thankful. Now at least we were given something to help him get better. The last couple of visits were just keep giving him his breathing medicine. (Which just made him cough harder) So, at least now we hopefully will be on the mend. Brayden is such a trouper though. Even with a fever and double ear infection he just keeps smiling and going. Now, mind you that being said, he doesn't like it when I am not right there. My mom came with us and after the appointment we went to Costco to fill the RX and while I was standing in line she started to push the cart away and he did not like that. So, he is getting a little spoiled right now but we can work on that when he feels better.
So, again I can't say it enough. Thank you to friends and family who truly have blessed us by getting our nursery stocked with stuff for our little one.

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Amanda said...

You are so close! I hope the last few weeks fly by for you. It feels good to have things ready and stocked up, doesn't it??