Friday, February 16, 2007

Life update

Ever since our scare we have been making sure everything is ready to go. I packed our hospital bag and was able to get Brayden and my haircut. (something that didn't happen before Brayden) I have had one shower and am getting another one tomorrow. People are so generous. I have been going to the doctor weekly now and today she said all is well. Her head is down and so now it is pretty much when ever. She said if I walk more that may help. So, I may just try that. We have also been sick. My ribs hurt so much from coughing. We have finally got Brayden doing better. He was so sick last week and I think that is why I got it. When I get overly tired I tend to get sick right away. But we have just stayed home this week and worked on getting better. Other than that I am just doing as many fun things with Brayden as I can. We play a lot and do crafts. We had fun baking cookies for valentine's day and we also made some valentine's for his friends. So, it has been a nice time. I want to enjoy every minute before he isn't my one and only. He is excited about Riley which I am glad about. He says he is going to help put bows in her hair so that is fun. I just hope he finds it all so exciting when she comes out.

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kimberly said...

He'll be great when she comes! I am SO excited for you!