Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Home sweet Home

Isn't funny how when you have high expectations of an evening it never goes as planned. Last Friday night was a big Remax (where Jim works) party in Portland. It was a dinner and dancing and was with the theme "It's a wonderful life" Well, Jim insisted I go and buy something nice to wear and he got a new shirt for his suit. My mom came and picked up Brayden for the night and we headed off. We arrived at the party and the decorations were beautiful and the food was good. They had a buffet style meal. Which was fine. Then the company president started speaking and the room echoed and he tried to do something with the movie but we couldn't even hear what it was. Then the band/comedy team got up. They kept saying come and dance and then part way through the song they would stop and try and tell jokes. They were singing cool old songs but they did so terribly. So, we ended up leaving early. It was very disappointing. So, we were going to head off to dessert with some other couples that couldn't handle the music either. (Yep, not enough dessert for everyone at the party) Well, we don't know Portland all that well and it took us awhile to find a place and then couldn't find a place to park, so we all said goodnight and we headed to our hotel. The Benson. Yes, it is a fancy hotel in downtown Portland. The lobby was beautiful and we were so excited. Our last night away before baby. At least as far as we know. Well, the room was nothing grand and the bed was incredible hard. And even being on the 7th floor the noise down below was to much. So, needless to say we didn't sleep well. We had been excited to sleep in. Brayden gets up at 6. But at 6 I asked Jim if he was awake (I could tell he was) and I turned on the T.V. We were showered (which didn't take long cause the tub wouldn't drain) and checked out by 7:30 and off to breakfast. That is were we really started enjoying ourselves. We ate breakfast and did some looking around. Registered at Babies R Us and got Brayden's Christmas outfit and his Christmas eve P.J.'s. Then we were exhausted and it was time to pick up Brayden. Jim took a nap and I went to get him. He was still sleeping and so I got a short nap too. All in all it was fun to get some great uninterrupted conversation time with my husband but we are very glad to be home with our son and our own bed. I guess we are just not big city lots of action kind of people. You could say that we like the simple small town life of Salem and we sure think our life is a wonderful life.

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