Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving and Snow

So, Thaksgiving was nice and very relaxing. We were at Jim's parents house which was a first for us for the holidays. They just don't usually host Thanksgiving. Jim did his annual Turkey day football game and Brayden and I enjoyed the Macy's parade. It was a very laid back day. Then of course the day after I went and did the traditional shopping with my mom and sister. We always have a good time. It was fun. Jim and Brayden met up with us later and Brayden sat on Santa's lap for the first time and loved it. He was telling Santa all kinds of fun things. I also was able to get him the train set that Jim and I wanted to get him for Christmas. So, other than stocking stuffers I think he is done. We had a great time getting our Tree on Saturday and Brayden was a blast giving us his opinon on which one we should cut down. This holiday season is so fun with him. He is just enjoying everything so much. He is such an expressive child.
Then on Sunday they started to call for snow. Now, we LOVE SNOW at our house. But, in Oregon they say it will snow and then it never does. So, I was very pessimistic that it was going to happen. But sure enough we woke up Monday morning with Snow. It was great. Brayden thought it was a little cold to touch and didn't want much to do with it but liked watching it out the window. Then on Tuesday when it snowed again even more and his uncle didn't have school he thought it was pretty cool to throw snowballs. He even has taken on some of my Canadian words and says Tuke. Today is cold but the snow is gone for now. We will see if we get it back again this year. That would sure be fun.

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Amanda said...

I want to take Ella to Santa this year. I think she may be scared. We will see. I need to shop for her- there are LOTS of things that I want for her- need to narrow it down!