Monday, July 27, 2015

As I get older

I was sitting here on my comfy couch in my cozy home with my cup of coffee. After I had done my new devotional First 5. It is a new app. I LOVE it. And I finished reading a book by Sally John. LOVE it as well. And I was thinking about our plans for the day. Shopping this morning for birthday gifts. Both kids have birthday parties today. And then the pool this afternoon. A little work may also need to happen. But I was thinking of how fortunate I am. But I am also realizing the older I get the more I like doing clean things. I love being in nature. Seeing what God has created and enjoying his beauty. But I really enjoy coming home and showering and sleeping in a bed. Being warm and cozy. I love that we are able to go to a pool for the afternoon. I used to think that is snobbish. To spend your afternoon at the pool and to enjoy the things "rich" people do. We are by no means rich. At least by American standards. But I am realizing. It is okay to like those things. To enjoy not sleeping on the ground. To enjoy being clean. Do I still go camping with my family and friends. Totally. I wouldn't miss all the fun. But man after a weekend sleeping outside I sure do love being home and clean!

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