Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sunriver and sickness

We had a great time in Sunriver and played WII. Oh my. I don't like video games and that is one that I want to own. I told Jim we could get it for him for Christmas and when he gets home it would be here for him to play. But we would practice till he gets here.
Then last Thursday I woke up with Pink eye. No big deal I have had it many tmes. But while we were filling my RX. Riley threw up. And she did that throughout the night. And she was lethargic the next day and then wanted some food by dinner time. Then threw up again and then on Saturday had a little more energy and then Diarrea on Saturday night and Sunday was really lethargic. So, I took her to the doctor on Monday and my poor little sweet heart had a sore throat and ear infection. So, today she had a lot more energy. I am so glad. There is nothing worse then a sick kid who just wants to be held and sleep. I mean don't get me wrong I love being able to just sit and hold her but it makes me sad to see my incredibly active kid just sit.
And of course like usual Jim was here the first day and gone the rest of the time. He was in town yesterday and gone again today. How he always gets to be gone when we are sick I don't know. Just how it works I guess.

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Christy said...

Lincoln is sick too, something is going around and its only affecting our little ones and the really old ones :(