Friday, January 19, 2007

My Boys

So, it has been so great lately because Brayden LOVES his daddy. See when Jim is gone a lot like he has been this year Brayden seems to know that Jim is only home temporarily and he doesn't really connect. I mean he'll hug him and play with him but he doesn't get into a routine with him. He talks more about my dad during those times. But since Jim has been consistantly home the past 4 months Brayden LOVES him. He cries when he leaves for work in the morning and tells Jim "NO GO, STAY" and then all day talks about how after nap we are going to play for a little and then daddy comes home. He loves to go and see Jim at work and one day they had a picnic in Jim's office. Brayden loved that. (we are ready for warmer weather, we had snow this week) Anytime I can't reach something or something looks like it could potentially break instead of asking for Babop (my dad) he asks for dada. Because you know Daddy's can fix anything. These pictures are of the guys playing video games. Brayden decided one day to get the controllers out and he wanted Jim to play with him. So, off they were snowboarding. Brayden only plays for a few minutes, but only daddy will do. He also wanted to play Bob the Builder with Jim the other day so we all ended up in hats. I am just so blessed and feel so much love for these special men in my life. God is so good with taking off one of the stresses with a new one coming. I was so worried about the transition for Brayden, but am feeling better now, knowing Brayden will be able to have some special time with his dad.

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Kimberly said...

That is SO sweet!!