Monday, May 18, 2009


I REALLY love being in the country. I think it is from growing up going to my grandparents farm every summer. I love the quiet and the space and the ability to have animals and not have to worry about going out early in the morning and waking the neighbors. You also can go out in your swimsuit or pajamas and it is just more okay as an adult.
Well, lately I have been kind of in an attitude of coveting I would say. Then this weekend I helped out at my parents house.
(Now, a little disclaimer their house isn't finished and neither is there yard oh and they have 3/4 of an acre but have a field on one side and a power company on the other so they seem to have more.) So there is a lot of work to do outside. Anyway, I was looking for tadpoles with Brayden and in turn ended up finding a really great little spot for the kids to wade in the creek. Anyway so I started cutting bushes and blackberries back. Then today the guy who mows our grass came and also put some weed killer on the grass. I am very funny about that and don't like the kids to go on the grass until it is absorbed. So, we loaded up and went back to our wonderful snail finding, shade loving creek to hang out. Well, Riley has learned how to cross the bridge alone and it freaks me out because it is just a piece of wood. So there was no way I was going to be able to relax while she is crossing back and forth. I started raking leaves and limbs into the burn pile and I realized that maybe I don't want a big piece of property. I come home to my already finished yard that is mostly grass which I love!! My yard is fenced. (Not that that stops my daughter from getting out in her underwear.) I have great neighbors. My street and neighbors are quiet and the older kids come and play with my kids. I really have the best of both worlds. A great home in a great neighborhood for my kids and my parents place really close by with all the feelings of the country. Snakes and all :( Even though that is just up a little boys alley.
Here are some pictures of snail hunting this weekend with my sister and her boyfriend Landon whom we met for the first time this weekend. He was down from Canada. They have a great story and I will write about that soon.

This is Riley yesterday after another fun filled day outside playing. She fell asleep during dinner.

This is at 7:30 in the morning checking on the snails. They then proceeded to jump on the trampoline. This has been a favorite morning activity the last few mornings with our wonderful weather.

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