Sunday, April 29, 2007

All is well

Other than being busy all is well. I find that my days fly by and before I know it is nap time or bedtime. Jim has been in and out a lot this month with the military. I have found out that we can survive by ourselves. It is not ideal but we do it. I don't know what I would do if Brayden and Riley weren't good kids. Brayden loves to help so that is great. Riley has started sleeping 5 hour stints at night which is wonderful. I have even figured out how to shower with them both and not have to worry about them. We are able to get to bible study and chuch on time. That is a great feeling. The weather has been nice the last couple of days and that is great for Brayden. We go out and he plays and I get to sit and cuddle Riley and all is well. I do have to say that I am quite fortunate. My parents live a mile and a half away so I have a great support system. I even gave Riley a bottle the other day and she took it no problem. So, I was able to go out to dinner with some friends while my mom watched both kids. It was nice but they weren't far from my mind the entire time.

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